Your US tax and compliance solutions are available through our firm. As a foreign person, owning a holiday home, investment property or small business in the USA brings new and different tax filing and compliance requirements. Jan Marie Doughty has been assisting non-resident foreign clients (known as nonresident aliens in IRS terminology) for over 25 years. She will ensure you are fully compliant with US tax laws and efficiently apply the potential Treaty benefits and filing elections to minimize your US tax obligation and maximize your refund. Jan Marie Doughty will give you peace of mind that you are meeting the wide variety of requirements that your property and business ownership in the USA may be exposed to as a non-resident.

Jan Marie Doughty is an American Certified Public Accountant (CPA) practicing in US taxation for property and business services with particular emphasis on nonresident and international clients. We strongly recommend that you select a qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to prepare the necessary tax returns. A CPA is licensed by a US State and the designation represents extensive education and professional experience and testing in all areas of accounting, auditing, business law and taxation. This is equivalent to Chartered Accountants in the UK and Canada. For more background, please visit our FAQ Page.

The US tax regulations and Treaty rules are complex and vary depending on your county of residence. It is not possible to cover the details in this brief introduction. Jan Marie Doughty is happy to provide a brief consultation to enable you to understand your US investment and filing requirements to ensure compliance and minimize any tax obligations. Our firm has clients in over 40 countries and work with Title Companies, Realtors, and Lawyers in all 50 States in the USA. We specialize in assisting foreign individuals and businesses with US tax filing and compliance.