Tax Filings

Whether, individually owned short-term vacation homes generating rental income, multiple long-term investment properties or small businesses operating in the USA, our firm will ensure use of potential treaty benefits and filing elections to minimize your tax obligation and maximize any refund while keeping you in full compliance with US tax laws. I am a US Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and have been assisting ‘overseas’ owners for over 25years. Protect your investment by only using licensed Certified Public Accountants. The designation represents extensive education and professional testing in all areas of accounting, auditing, business law and taxation. When renting a holiday home or investment properties a US tax return should be filed to claim expenses, even if there appears to be no tax due. Not filing could disqualify you from both FIRPTA reduced withholding application and could affect any change of visa status, obtain permanent residency, or regain entry into the US once you have left.

Don’t risk your visa status by failing to comply with this requirement.

Our firm will prepare your US Federal Tax Return using information you provide. In addition to a federal return, some US states (for example South Carolina) require state filings, I will be happy to prepare for you. Most States require a ‘business equipment’ tax return which our firm would be happy to complete if requested. In Florida it is called a Tangible Personal Property Tax return. My fees are competitive and I can assist with all filings and compliance from your initial purchase through to the sale of your US investment.