Click here for a Client Information Sheet.
Please complete your contact information. In particular please indicate the preferred email address and telephone number to contact you. The ‘furniture package’ value is the original cost of the furniture and loose appliances (items not part of the building) used to assist in generating a rental income – it does not include items in your personal lock-up. A reasonable estimate is necessary if items were purchased as part of an ‘all-in’ package with the property.

Click here for a Year-End-Info Sheet. (Revenue and expense summary)
Please write the correct year on the form for which you would like us to file. Please print off one form for each year and for each property. Please complete the revenue and expense summary for the calendar year. Please forward a copy of your US mortgage interest statement (Form 1098) if applicable, for each year which we are filing. This form is usually received from your mortgage provider by the end of January each year. Please forward a summary of interest paid on any foreign qualifying mortgages on the US property.

Click here for a Limited Power of Attorney Form (Form 2848).
Please print the attached Form 2848 for each owner and complete box 1 with your name and home (foreign) address. Next to that box, in the “Identifying number” box, please enter your US Social Security number or your IRS issued ITIN number (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) if you have one. Then, on page two at line seven, please print your name, sign your name and enter the date. This will enable Jan Doughty to file the completed documents direct to the IRS, and will also enable the IRS to discuss any issues direct with Jan. If you would be so kind as to please post the original forms to our Cocoa Beach office as the IRS requires an original signature on Power of Attorney forms and a separate form for each part owner.